Structured Query Language (SQL)

A total of 8 years working experience in 3 different SQL environments MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server and Google BigQuery.

Data Visualization

I received professional training in Tableau through Google's Data Analytics and Business Intelligence programs. Additionally, I have extensive practical experience in advanced data analysis with Microsoft Power BI.

R Programming Language

Trained on different aspects of R language using RStudio as a part of Google Data Analytics Course

PHP Programming

Gained good experience developing web applications using different PHP MVC frameworks such as CodeIgniter, Drupal and Laravel.


Very comfortable working with Linux environments as I've been using it for more than 10 years under a variety of distributions ( Ubuntu, Fedora, Mint and Slackware )

Microsoft Office

Well experienced in office software mainly evolved in Data Processing and visualization such as Excel, Access and Powerpoint


Gained basic skills in SAS language throughout a Udemy course on Statistical Data Analysis


Gained knowledge and experience in MongoDB and Non-relational database concepts throughout MongoDB Official MongoDB for Developers Course.