Hi, my name is Kassem, a technical professional with a background in Statistics and Business Operations with a strong understanding of this industry. I am willing to bring a host of unique skills and abilities which will enable me to become a valuable member of your team. I have been adept at interpreting, analyzing, and reporting data to provide effective business solutions to resolve complex problems.

Throughout my professional career, I have established a proven track record of interpreting, analyzing, as well as reporting data to provide robust business solutions. I have proven ability to evaluate metrics, driving successful business solutions and proactively integrating process improvements. I have devised strategic initiatives which I believe will be of core value to statistics and data corporations. .

Furthermore, I have proven expertise in designing and establishing outstanding reports to ensure maximum quality and operational efficiency. I also provide excellent documentation support by creating and maintaining detailed records for data management practices and procedures.
I have a working knowledge of core programming skills, which has allowed me to develop several solutions within various data systems and deliver unique, innovative reports to executive leadership.

I have proven expertise in developing detailed documents and reports while managing complex internal and external data analysis. I have proficiency in a relational database and programming skills for developing applications as well as using different R libraries to mine and analyze data.

I am proficient in developing web-based survey applications and developing customized reports as well as interactive dashboards including Tableau for data visualization.
Should you have any further questions regarding my professional experience or skills, feel free to connect with me via phone or email. I always enjoy making new acquaintances.