During my recent role, I executed the following activities, providing exceptional technical expertise in manipulating and maintaining organizational databases for adjusting data to organize and easier to read. I delivered my contribution to producing standard and custom reports from database reports in line with specifications as well as saving the report for decision-making and analysis. I secured significant data and files in case of data disaster by performing database backups on a weekly basis. I managed overall information and communication technologies activities to ensure seamless organizational IT operations. I configured and installed CISCO Phones to ensure high-quality, reliable communications to meet business needs. I identified and mitigated all printer-related problems to prevent issues and mechanical failures. I managed overall organizational network activities by providing visibility into existing network operations. I delivered high-level support in the deployment of a Linux-based File Server with the necessary configuration to store files in a centralized location, while permitting access to networked computers.

The following are the key contributions to this role include:

  • Minimized chances of errors by deeply analyzing reports and statistics against the live database.
  • Streamlined communication and file sharing over the network by managing and maintaining Field Office's servers and network instruments.
  • Prevented critical situations by developing and implementing an Emergency Data Backup plan to recover from an unforeseen emergency as quickly as possible.
  • Diagnosed the source of the problem and provided a robust solution for timely resolution of issues by troubleshooting and maintaining organizational computers as well as other hardware to maintain consistency in office productivity.